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Warren Stokes Art

Don't mistake slow progress for failure! Don’t mistake slow progress for failure!

For weeks I’ve been trying to secure a gallery to show my work only to be rejected by galleries for a multitude of reasons.  I was told my maze art wouldn’t sell, its too gimmicky, too childish, & no one would come to see it.  My favorite rejection was that I don’t even make art. One space said yes but required “rent” for their walls & a commission. Do chefs have to pay the restaurant to cook????

After brainstorming how to share my work I decided to have a summer of virtual exhibitions for free & spend the hundreds it would cost to rent walls to “entice” people to come.

Starting in May through September each First Friday I will exhibit a new show on my new site http://www.mazeingworld.com .  In addition I will have free virtual goodies for visitors & chance to win a free…

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Looking to Interview Artreprenuers


As I seek collaborate with other artists in our collective quest to survive from our art I want to showcase and learn from other successful Artreprenuers!

If your making a living or have advice or tips on how to make a career from your art please reach out I would love to interview you for the site!

2015 Artists need a union!


I came across this ad on craigslist for a woman who runs a gallery. She has the great offer of charging artists for wallspace, 25% of their sale and requiring them to work a during the month!!!


When I see that pimps like this are still in business it makes me sick to my stomach. We artists need to stop paying to show. A percent of the sale is fine and due, but paying??? Hell no!!! Do cooks pay the restaraunt to cook? What is a gallery without our work?

In 2015 it is my goal to organize artists in Denver and nationally to stop supporting these pimps with our work and ask for our due.  Either pay upfront as you would do any other product that a business would sell or take a percentage if they sell it.  No more no less. We are Artrepreneurs!!!!!

Non profits are pimps too!

maze 126


Here is one of the worst calls for art I’ve ever seen. This non profit not only charges you $25 to see if they want your art which I’m sure they will accept all pieces. Then they want a 50% comission for the charity.  Beware of non profits. I routinely give away 3-4 pieces a year but it doesn’t cost me a dime to ship, show are what have you. As artists we have the ability to give back and change lives just don’t get f**ked doing it!


VISIONS OF THE FLINT HILLS BENEFIT AND SALE is a juried exhibit featuring art of the Flint Hills. The exhibit will run from October 4, 2013 through November 29, 2013, in the Buttonwood Art Space, 3013 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri. Partial proceeds from the event benefit a non-profit organization which promotes the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and the Flint Hills of Kansas. Open to artworks influenced by or depicting the Flint Hills geographic area in Kansas. Artists may submit up to four pieces for a $25.00 fee into any combination of four categories: Painting, Photography, 3-D and Other. Juror: Michael Albrechtson. All artwork will be juried on a piece by piece basis. All works will be 50% of sale to artist and 50% to Flint Hills Tourism Coalition, a 501(c)(3) charity.

You must have product to be an Artrepreneur



When one decided to make a living from their art they are saying to themselves and the world that they plan to survive completely from selling their art work.  This is a bold and ambitious step and must be planned out completely to yield success.  When you make this choice you have to realize the importance of your work and more importantly the creation of your work.

What do I mean? Well your art is not just art anymore but your companies product.  And similar to every product based business in existence the only way to make money is to CREATE and SELL your products.  Meaning artreprenuers must continuously add to their body of work.

I have more than 400 pieces in my body of work that I would say at least 200 are worthy of being offered for sale.  However I spend at least an hour a day creating new product so to speak. I don’t want artists to lose the creativity in this process to look at their art as products.  We must realize that being an artreprenuer means creating on a consistent basis.  No longer can we “wait” for creativity to find us we have to actively hunt it down tackle it and bite it in the ass!

So make sure that you have time in your schedule daily to work on and finish new pieces to add to your “product” line and you will be well on your way to being a successful artreprenuer.

Increase sales and exposure with a plan!



To become an artreprenuer and make a living from the creation and sales of our art there are many tasks that we must implement into our routine.  One such task that I started doing at the beginning of the year is very simple takes less than an hour a day and has yielded great results.

I call it my promotions plan.  Simply put for about an hour a day Monday through Friday I look for opportunities on the web that will help build my name.  I have a list of sites (eg Craigslist) that I surf looking for calls for entry, interviews,  commissioned work, ie anything that will get my name and work scene.

By focusing on this for the past six months I’ve been able to generate five opportunities for interviews and my art included in publications.  I also scored two festivals all from working my promotions plan.  In turn these are all things I can add to my resume and ultimately charge more for my work.

The beauty of it is that I haven’t been consistent and still ended up with great results.  I set the goal of spending an hour a day five days a week and have probably reached about a ¼ of that.  Imagine the outcome once I reach my goal?

How can you implement this into your routine?

  • Update or create a resume and get a high quality image of your best piece
  • Decide upon a weekly goal including time and days.
  • Find/create a list of sites, magazines or media outlets to find opportunities
  • Do it!

5 ways to increase your profit margin



During my short time in the “professional” side of art I quickly realize that the artist is exploited by the industry created by the artist.  From the expense to create art to the costs associated with showing and selling it artists are squeezed for every penny possible by the no talent hacks that claim to love art.  

During my career I have made thousand more than I’ve spent creating and promoting my art.  Here are 5 tips that can help you do the same.

1. Never pay to show your art! If people are paying to see art then why should the person that creates the entire reason for people showing up pay? Doesn’t make sense and 99% of the time doesn’t make dollars.

2. Dumpster Dive! A nice size portion of my art is created on recycled materials that would have cost a fortune at the store.  Everywhere in America there is a time period called the first of the month.  This is when people move and throw out valuable household items that can be re purposed for FREE and resold.

3. Goodwill/Garage sales are great ways to get materials for a low cost.  Especially frames and canvass.  

4. Don’t frame your work/keep your frames.  For artists to show their work many times venues want the art framed. This can be a very expensive task that many times can keep a starving artist from showing their work.  Especially when the buyer the majority of the time scrapes your frame for something that matches their home.   I create work that doesn’t require frames (shelves or canvass with the frame in it) And if you have to frame it sell your work minus the frames.

5. Sell your work for what your worth!  I recently exhibited at a jazz festival and met a guy that sold beautiful oil paintings for $50.  First and foremost he could have easily made $250 for them.  However after purchasing the oils, canvass and time he probably was very close to making less than $10 for his efforts.